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Loch Arthur- Scotland's Finest

Scotland's finest cheese, that is. Perhaps a few other things as well but if you find yourself in Beeswing, Scotland, you must not drive past the cafe and farm store at Loch Arthur without stopping to visit. 

My family has a long history with the Camphill tradition and I worked in one for two years myself.  Whenever I visit my grandparents in Gelston, we make a stop (or a few) at the cafe and visit with the legendary Barry and Rene who are the original forces behind the excellence. 

Barry Graham, award winning cheesemaker, in front of the Farm Store & Cafe at Loch Arthur

Barry Graham, award winning cheesemaker, in front of the Farm Store & Cafe at Loch Arthur

I could say lots of lovely things about the place but having just read their Christmas newsletter I think it's best you hear from Barry directly.  Here is an excerpt from the most recent update:

As many of you will know, we were recently nominated for the Scotsman Food and Drink Awards in the category of ‘Your Hidden Gem’. This was the only category that was put to a public vote and, although we were thrilled with the nomination, we didn’t rate our chances very high as we are not big on PR and Social Media - the channels through which public votes are generally amassed. And yet we won that category by, according to the judges, an overwhelming majority.

In accepting the award, I spoke of the history and longevity of Loch Arthur and I dedicated it to Community, Social Enterprise, Longevity and to Dumfries & Galloway.

-To Community ... because that is the underlying basis and foundation of all that we do at Loch Arthur.
- To Social Enterprise ... because we constantly aspire to uphold the principles of the ‘Triple Bottom Line’ - People, Profit, Planet.
-To Longevity ...because we have stuck with it and hung in there!
- To Dumfries and Galloway ... because we are proud and delighted to do what we do in this wonderful region.

Barry Graham, Christmas Newsletter 2017
Loch Arthur Farm Shop & Cafe includes a selection of ethically sourced and organic wines 

Loch Arthur Farm Shop & Cafe includes a selection of ethically sourced and organic wines 


A delicious beef burger at Loch Arthur Cafe with salad and chutney alongside


Handwoven scarf from the Loch Arthur Weavery


Batik printing stamps sold in the Loch Arthur farm store


The Loch Arthur farm store has many beautiful crafts and goods for sale along with essentials


Loch Arthur has a large farm that provides beautiful produce for the farm store


Loch Arthur is known for it’s award winning cheeses


Having tried the beef burger, I can attest to the excellent quality of meat provided by the in-house butchery at Loch Arthur  


A fish market conveniently delivers and sells fish outside the farm store on a regular basis


A sampling of the goods sold at Loch Arthur farm store including colorful beeswax candles


A festive display of gorgeous wooden toys at the Loch Arthur farm store


Panoramic view of Scottish fields with sheep and cows at Loch Arthur Farm


Three sheep in a field at Loch Arthur Farm



I'd say if you're keen on cheese and can travel to Beeswing, check out this upcoming event:


The History and Alchemy of Artisan Cheesemaking



February 24th, 2018 An informative and interactive talk and demonstration by Barry, sharing his years of experience of cheese and cheese-making  - followed by a lunch of soup & bread, cheese & salad, coffee & cake

TICKETS £30 Book soon to avoid disappointment. 



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Thank you Loch Arthur for all you do and all that you make in support of them community! Cheers and blessings to you all in the coming New Year!