Cate Takes A Gamble

Cate and Jon met on the beach.  He was a lifeguard and she was returning a book to someone else when they started talking.  It was then that she took the gamble, but it was August 5th that they made it official.  Destiny brought her from her home state of Minnesota to sunny Santa Cruz while Jon grew up in California.  I was lucky enough to get to know them both at the beginning of their relationship and never questioned that they were meant for each other! 

One of the many amazing things about this union is not only the couple but the people by which they are surrounded.  They were lucky to have the wedding on the grounds of Horse & Heart where they live.  Horse & Heart is a fabulous organization lead by Cate's dear friend Lori Halliday.  They practice and teach Natural Horsemanship and have rescued many horses. I was so excited to photograph everyone in their natural habitat on the hill.  Having your wedding at your house is an incredible amount of work but also very convenient!  I was amazed to see how the ranch was transformed for the wedding.  

During the rehearsal we could see the breathtaking view of the Monterey Bay. The view of the bay was obscured by fog for the wedding but the sun was shining on the ceremony and the hilltop felt like a whole world of it's own.  

It was a gift to be able to be there for Cate and Jon as their photographer because I love them both and getting to meet their wonderful families and friends made it an epic day to remember.