International Hillside Wedding in the Berkshires

My heart is so full. I just got home from photographing the wedding of a dear friend Toby and his fiancee from Germany.  This wedding ignited my passion for weddings even more.  It was a simple and intimate ceremony but set in a gorgeous location surrounded by friends and family. 

Toby had been living in Germany and I hadn't seen him in years.  I had never met his fiancee or his son, Liam, until the day of the wedding but that didn't stop me from tearing up during the ceremony! 

It was amazing to see how they had prepared so well for the moments ahead and chosen to keep it between family. They even set up FaceTime for her family in Germany to livestream the ceremony. They had their wedding bands made by local McTeigue & McClelland Jewelers.

You could tell by their smiles and the way they looked at each other that they are ready for a life together.  Those relationships are so beautiful.  It's exactly that kind of devotion to each other that makes me appreciate life and photograph weddings.  

I'm so happy I got to be a part of the day and not only did the rain hold off but Germany won their game to advance in the FIFA World Cup!


A Rainey Day

On Monday I had the chance to photograph my high school advisor, soccer coach and friend Christie and her wonderful husband Ricky.  We had scheduled the session and were excited for it but when it was time to leave, it started to downpour outside!  I decided to leave anyway and have faith in the creative guidance that always shows up when I need it.  The rain stopped when I got there and we started capturing their matching shirts in the beautiful diffused lighting of a cloudy day. I love Christie's laugh and Ricky makes her laugh a lot so it's a great combination!

Christie & Ricky

Christie & Ricky

I always loved being around "Higgy" as we called her in High School because she has infectious energy and passion for her work and the people around her.  When I met Ricky I knew they were the best of teams.  Now they are adding a baby girl named Rainey to the mix and I can't wait to meet her.

Focus on what you love!

Focus on what you love!

Miracle of miracles the sun came peeking through the tall trees and we trudged through the wet grass to bathe in it's glory for a few moments. These are the moments I wait for, live for and love. 

When Rainey Days

Are the best ones...